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Raising money is an art and a science. We specialize in helping companies become investment worthy and then we develop a compelling investor proposition that will tell your story to investors in their terms. Our business plans answer the questions that investors need to have answered to invest in your business.

Investors need to know:
  • What's in it for them?
  • How will you minimize their risk?
  • How will they realize a harvest?
Get Financing and Investments

Lenders and potential investors use your business plan to decide how much risk is involved in investing in your business. They look at your company's potential growth, your abilities as an owner and a manager, your purpose, your market, and your competitors.

Explain Your Company's Vision

A business plan is not just about numbers. It's about your belief in what your company can become, based on the firm understanding of your business and the market.

Measure Your Performance

This is your chance to outline what you expect in future growth, sales, profit, and more. If you look at your business plan regularly, you can review your performance, update your plan, and always know where you stand in terms of meeting your goals.

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We Write Business Plans

We typically begin by helping our clients develop and refine their business plan. We specialize in writing winning business plans. Part of our business planning process includes developing effective marketing plans that really create demand in the marketplace for the products and services that our clients deliver.

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We Help You Raise Money

We've raised millions of dollars for our clients through our business plans and private placements. We can help you prepare your company to become investment worthy and we can hold your hand throughout the process, whether you are just starting up and need seed funding or you're ready to talk to VCs, we can help.

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We'll Help You Raise The Money You Need

Private Placements

Raising money doesn’t have to be complicated. We streamline the process and help you every step of the way in raising private equity capital legally and systematically through the Regulation D private placement program which permits companies to raise up to $1 million under the 504 provisions and lots more under the 505 or 506 provisions of the law. We can help you get your business ready to present to potential investors and even help you make the investor presentations in an informative and persuasive manner.

Venture Capital

Your business needs cash to survive and thrive in today's fast-moving new economy. We can introduce you to venture community and help you prepare your business plan to knock their socks off!

Want to go public but don't know how? Ready for an IPO but concerned about how to go about it. We can help. Let's sit down and discuss your financing needs and what we can do to help you get what you need to grow.

Want to get to the inner circle in Silicon Valley's venture community? We can help you get there.


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A Typical Business Plan Outline

  • Cover page
  • Legal page
Executive Summary
  • Objectives
  • Mission
  • Keys to success
Company Summary
  • Company ownership
  • Start-up summary
Products and Services
  • Products (i.e. products you either manufacture or buy)
  • Services (i.e. the services you deliver to your clients, e.g. consultation)
Market Analysis Summary
  • Market segmentation
  • Target market segment strategy
  • Service business analysis
Web Plan Summary
  • Website marketing strategy
  • Development requirements
Strategy and Implementation Summary
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive edge
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Milestones
Management Summary
  • Personnel plan
Financial Information
  • Start-up funding
  • Important assumptions
  • Break-even analysis
  • Projected profit and loss
  • Projected cash flow
  • Projected balance sheet
  • Business ratios
  • Sales forecast
  • Personnel
  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheet